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The Oregon Osteoporosis Center and Dr. Michael McClung’s clinical practice have closed as of June, 2014. Dr. McClung continues to be active as a consultant, lecturer and teacher. For these activities, he can be reached by email at

Bone density records for patients in the Kaiser Permanente Health System have been transferred to the Nuclear Medicine Department at Kaiser Sunnyside in Portland. Your Kaiser doctor will have access to those records.

Other bone density records from our Center are being transferred to the Medical Imaging Department at Providence Portland Medical Center. Until August 1, copies of previous bone density reports (but not the scans themselves) can be obtained by fax at (877) 991-6626 or by leaving a voice message at (503) 860-1296. After August 1, 2014, please make requests for bone density records to Providence Portland Medical Center.

To request  transfer of medical records from Dr. McClung’s clinic, please complete the Release of Medical Records form. Then, fax it to (877) 991-6626 or mail it to Michael McClung, MD,  25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 6, #175, Portland, OR 97210. Please allow 30 days for the transfer of records to be made.